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A Note To My True Love

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Paris My Love,

You have filled my senses in a way no human or anything else ever quite will be able to fulfill. If having a romance with a city is wrong, then lock me up I'm guilty as charged. You are my one true love, my soul connection, the place that makes me the best version of myself. Your beauty bewilders me...each architectural delight, carefully curated garden, museum, café, and boulangerie, baking loaves of fresh, crusty bread daily, are all works of a work of art.  From your streets lined with colorful Vespas to Ladurée's shelves, lined with rows of delicately designed Macarons, all delight my senses of sight and smell. I crave Nutella Crepes from your cobbblestoned street vendors and frothy mugs of Hot Chocolat from Angelina's. Never have I felt so alive than I have felt in your presence.  I long for the time when we can be together again. 

Not only have you been the love of my life. You have taught me so very much about the art of living. I have learned from you the importance of joie de vivre...the joy of to savor even the smallest of moments. I've learned to slow down, enjoy a conversation, relax with a glass of wine or champagne while putting my feet up and tilting my face towards the sun. I buy fresh flowers for my home, enjoy a delicate pastry off of a pretty dish and I really delight in each meal by taking my time whether I'm dining out or at home. 

To know you is to love you. You are adored by masses for many reasons. Thank you for being my dream, my teacher, my escape and everything. You will forever hold a special place in my heart....if I had to guess I would say the place is in the shape of the Eiffel Tower right in my heart's center. 

Bisous Bisous xx