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Please Do YOU

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Most of us are dynamic without realizing it. In a world filled with social media where everyone Tom, Dick and Harry is promoting only the best in his or her life, there is scientic proof that too much social media is not good for a person. Waif-like Instagram models in bikinis don't help to contribute to a healthy body image. Globe-trotters that can afford to travel the world and stay in luxurious places shout: "Your life is not good enough." This has been statistically proven. Social media, although fun to look at dreamy places, has to be kept in check. Even the people with the most seemingly perfect existences have challenges and obstacles in life to overcome. 

Companies like Darling, Aerie and Dove are doing their best to promote healthy body images for girls and women. They started to use average-size, untouched models in their campaigns. Their message is simply: You are enough. You are good enough the way you are. Embrace the body you have. Embrace your life. Be the best version of you instead of being a version of someone you are not. 

My motto is come as you are, except who you are, love who you are. You are dynamic, one of a kind, fascinating, interesting, funny, intelligent, perfectly imperfect...everyone has beauty in them. Let your light shine.