The Style Cocktail.

Volume Two: That Inspirational Girl

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She has her own sense of style and dresses only for self expression. She does not follow the trends, she wears what she loves and doesn't worry about what others will think. She knows that by doing so, she rocks every outfit she wears and radiates confidence.


As long as she lives she will never stop learning. She knows expanding her mind expands her world. In her free time she takes floral design classes, learns languages, reads every book she can get her hands on and studies art history, antiquing and explores music.


Her favorite place to entertain company is at her cozy dining room table. She bought the most comfortable seating she could find so that conversations with friends over a bottle of wine last into the wee hours of the night.  She knows that none of us are promised a tomorrow so she she makes every moment spent with those that she loves count.