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Siri: Get Me Directions To Paris

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Yesterday I had an appointment for a sales call. No parking. No sign outside sign for establishment. I park illegally because there were NO other options and ask someone where in the hell is this place? Stranger knows and politely tells me. I arrive right on time. The person I'm selling to is pretentious and makes me wait 45 mins. I worry the entire time about my car getting towed. For the sake of this story let's call Pretentious Man, (Mr. P.). Anywho, Mr. P. finally comes along and apologizes but every time I started speaking he was called away or simply would get up and walk away with no explanation. I wanted to kill him, but Mr. P. had the upper hand and I have a job to keep in order to keep a roof over my head. What should have been a 10 min. appointment took an hour. I ran back to my car looking for a parking sticker but thank the Good Lord my car was in the clear.

I got in my car to head into rush hour traffic and Siri said, "Where do you want to go?" 

Me to Siri: "Paris."

Siri: "Getting diretions to Paris, France."

Of course Siri couldn't come up with the directions because it involves planes and flying over the ocean, but it made me feel better. I spent the rest of the ride home listening to an Elin Hilderbrand book on audio and decided not to let it bother me. 

Is your job stressful? How do you deal with the stress? Do you have any tips for other readers on how to chill out after a long trying day?