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Favorite Fall Destination: Nantucket Island

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I have dreamt of living on Nantucket for years now. I love it that much. I don't even think being 20 miles out to sea would bother me all that much. I dream of a roaring fireplace with a dog curled up at my feet, being a local and knowing everyone by name, knowing every cobblestone by heart and soaking in the beauty, every second of every day.

My favorite season to visit is Autumn, specifically October. Sure, the beaches are gorgeous in the summer, but the town and island is avalanched with tourists crowding the streets and restaurants. In October, there are enough shops, delicious dining options with fancy cocktail concotions just waiting to be sampled. 


The last time I visited I was doing a travel review of,  The Harborview. It was in October and The Harborview was so spacious and cozy I never wanted to leave. I also have reviews of, The Nantucket Hotel, and, The White Elephant, in my navigation bar, at the top of my page, under travel if you are planning a visit any time of year. 

When the crowds thin, and the leaves fall onto the cobblestoned streets from the magnificent trees along the sidewalk, I think to myself: Now this is what Heaven must look like.


Where is your favorite place to escape to? Is there someplace where you can envision yourself living? Where is it?