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Jeans And Shoes

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Finding the perfect pair of jeans in a sea of denim is a bit like trying to find your soulmate in a city full of people.  Ah...but when you do find wonder how you ever lived without them? It's like you were made for each other.  It's worth trying on 100 pairs, (when you are in the right mood), even if you create a pool of jeans on the fitting room floor to pick up after, just in hopes that you find the one. 

I love jeans for their versatility.  You can throw them on with a messy bun and be out the door in 5, or you can dress them up for an evening on the town. Shoes are the perfect accessory to immediately change the look of your jeans. Why not try a different shoe than you would normally wear with your favorite pair of denim to shake things up? You know the sayin', what's old is new again...

What type of shoe is your go-to with denim or do you like to constantly mix it up? Do you have a favorite look...ballet and skinny...boot cut and heels...?