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I'm Blushing...Surprise Flowers

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Last night I arrived home from a long day at about 9:30 after meeting a friend for dinner. I found flowers in my breezeway and my 1st thought was: 'Who would buy me flowers?'  I unlocked the back door and scanned my brain for whom would have sent them. Blank.

I unload my arms onto my kitchen counter and pull out the note that is attached to flowers. 

It reads: 'We have built a reputation on fresh flowers and good service. Thank you for being a customer.'

Ding ding...lightbulb goes off to flip note all around. I realize the Procesco at dinner has gone to my head a wee bit. I find the correct note. It's from my employer congratulating me on my 1 year anniversary and thanking me for my hard work. 

It's always nice to be appreciated. This job has been the hardest I have ever had, but it has taught me more than any job I have had, both professionally and because it has been a challenge it has taught me a lot about myself personally. 

What was the hardest job that you have ever had and what lessons did you learn from it?