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The Opening + Closing Line Of Your Book Would Be?

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Hello Friends,

I don't know about you, but I've been seeking a creative outlook everywhere I turn these days. I'd thought I'd break up the week to give you a fun little challenge. Let's pretend you have to write a book, or in some of our cases, we'd like to write a book. Don't overthink this exercise or else it won't be as fun...promise? Okay then, give me the first few opening lines in your book and the last few lines in your book. The FUN part is you have to write whatever 1st comes to mind no matter how embarrassing or dumb you think it is. I'll be brave and I'll go first...

OPENING  - So, I woke up the other morning and slowly open one eye only to spy the empty bowl of nacho chips lying beside me in my bed, all of a sudden my neck starts to itch and as I go to scratch it, I feel my turtleneck from the day before...I slowly turn down the covers to reveal the remainder of my outfit...yesterday's opaque tights. My eye feels funny, so I slowly reach up to touch false eyelashes that have been glued on since yesterday morning and are now stuck together. Oh, Lord, take's not even 7 a.m. yet and I'm already a hot mess.

CLOSING - And then it dawned on me, like a lightening bolt to the head...I liked my life the way it was. Perfectly imperfect, untidy and carefree. I may have been a wee bit irresponsible at times, but isn't that the right of any free spirit? I decided in that moment that I would vow to live life on my own terms, in my own way and really who gives a flying f*&( what anyone else thought as long as I was happy.

Now it's your shy to share publicly? Let me know in your comment that you don't want it shared publicly and it will stay between you and I. Confession - both paragraphs are the truth. 

Have fun my budding writers! xo