The Style Cocktail.


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Last weekend a friend and I gathered around my Sister's fire pit and took in the crisp hint of Autumn in the evening air.  Fall is a magical season for me, it signals a new beginning to me even more so than New Years.  I think this belief stems from my childhood and the beginning of a new school year that always signified change. People talk about Summer love...for me it's always been October, there must be something in the air, other than blowing leaves, that makes my heart skip a beat for a new someone special.

I got to dreaming about the perfect bonfire/Autumnal soiree and thought you may enjoy some inspiration as well.


Pumpkin Pies and Apple Turnovers will be pleasantly devoured by guests and pair perfectly with a mug of Mulled Cider or glass of Wine. Don't forget to leave out some cozy throws in case your guests get chilly...

cozy blankets.jpg

I love bundling up in cozy scarves or wraps and fall boots! Target has some lovely scarves that can be worn as blanket scarves or simply draped over the shoulders...the best part they are only $20 so might as well get all of them...I give you permission, (can't take it with you, might as well look good).

Little touches take anything from ordinary to outstanding, (and of course the company you invite)!  Adding small details like pre-made S'mores, roasting nuts on a cast iron skillet, or providing your guests with small comforts, such as blankets to keep warm with, let's them know you went the extra mile to make them comfortable and that you are grateful for them in your life.  Add your favorite music and repeat every weekend.

Do you own or want to own a fire pit? What are your tips for a perfect cozy evening with loved ones?