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This is my favorite house on the Vineyard. It may be my all-time favorite house ever. I didn't take this photo, but I have taken photos of this house during every season. I come across photos, like this one, on the web that confirm my suspicions that I am not the only being in love with this house. 

It has a big tire swing in the yard and I hope that there are Grandchildren filling the yard with laughter. The landscaping is immaculate and it makes me think the inside of the home is well cared for as well. This is a father-of-the-bride-movie sort of home. It holds very high expectations for me. I want it to belong to a close family whose members all love, support and accept one another. I want this beautiful home to provide what we all dream about within it's walls...unconditional love, family traditions, Sunday dinners, anniversaries celebrated, newborn children visiting with parents, holidays with singing and dancing...

I ask myself why is it so important that I see this house as a haven of protection and love? Too many of us are divorced, struggling, have lost our belief that marriage or long term relationships are practical - we no longer believe that the things we once believed in are a possibility for us. Although, I am comfortable with my new belief system and my family dynamics the way they are now, I like to think that other people still have an idealistic view and that the world that once was so important to me still exists for those who want it.

My heart can't bear the thought that this could be a home to alcoholism, hatred, divorce, illness, financial struggle, infidelity...I know it's silly, but I just want to believe that happiness and peace exists in such a beautiful place. Do you have a house that you love that you have put a story to? Where is it and what is the story you have given it?