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Hello Loves,

The 4th of July has come and gone. It has a way of increasing my incessant inner voice that tells me: 'One day you will live near the ocean. You will have grandchildren wearing sun hats and gripping shovels, while building castles in the sand, crackling evening bonfires on the beach with good friends and good wine, you will have guest rooms in which your grown children will stay with their spouses and you will know that this is where you were always meant to be.'  It's much like meeting the one and you have a knowing that this is the man I will marry, or when your biological clock suddenly goes off and you desperately want's a certainty.  My season in the sun awaits, I am certain of it. Until then I will plan and envision and look forward to what lies ahead. 

What is calling you at the moment? 

Love - Deb xo