The Style Cocktail.


The Style Cocktail2 Comments

When my children were little we owned a home with a Farmer's Porch. It was my favorite part of the home. On lazy weekend mornings I would savor my coffee outside surrounded by blooming Hydrangeas. When big thunderstorms rolled in I would wrap the kids in fluffy throw blankets and we would sit on the porch and watch the silver streaks of lighting flash over the pond while our chubby Dachshund would bark. At Christmas time the porch would be decked out with lights and sparkling Christmas trees. Oh, and the sunsets...say no more. 

Do you live in a home with a porch? Have you made it a beautiful oasis where you can slow down and enjoy the little things in life: a glass of Sweet Tea, a novel you transport yourself into, chilled Sangria with company, storybooks with Grandchildren on your lap...

Which porch is your favorite? Wishing you all a wonderful start to your week!

Love - Deb xo