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Hello My Beautiful Friends,

The chilly temps. are creeping back into Boston this weekend. After experiencing Spring temps. this week, I find myself dreaming of Summer escapes to the Cape and the islands. Carefree days spent frolicking in the surf and the sun. Beach totes filled with Summer essentials and warm weather dreams. Creamy Ice Cream cones and meaty Lobster Rolls.

If you have never been I can't recommend enough. Pack your casual preppy attire and get excited to pedal your bike through a white picketed Hydrangea Heaven. 

Recommend stays: The Nantucket Hotel (best for families), The White Elephant Resort (best in luxury, pampering), The Harbourview Cottages, (best for families, space). Click on my travel link to see in depth reviews on each as well as Chatham and the Vineyard getaways.

What are you dreaming of this weekend?


Deb xoxo