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Owning Your Sense Of Style

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You know them...the girls who 'own' their own style. They don't follow fashion rules, they make them. They seem to carry off a unique style flawlessly. How do they do it? They simply know who they are and am comfortable with themselves. Their fashion-style sense is a reflection of their loves, personality and creativity and they project it seamlessly by owning their style and sense of self.

'I could never pull that look off, " you might say, and maybe you couldn't...because it's not YOU. In order to 'own' your sense of style you only need to look inwards. Who are you? Do you love preppy islands, sailing, are you from the East Coast? Does your wardrobe and home décor reflect that? Do you tend to navigate towards nautical and traditional home décor?

Are you a free-spirited, no-mad following her wanderlust? Are feather necklaces, braids and Bohemian tablescapes part of your style? Maybe you are a fan of the classics and believe in timeless staples? Are you always channeling your inner Jackie O. or Audrey Hepburn?  Does your home make a classic statement?

The more you know who you are the more you can access your fashion sense and own your style. 

1. Who are you? What do you love? What places do you love? What is your personality summed up into words?

Are those descriptive words reflected in your sense of style? Romantic, adventurous, career-minded, etc...

2. What statement do you want to make with your clothing and/or home décor? Is your current style sense a reflection of your personality summary?

3. Are you afraid to stand out? Why? You would be surprised how many beautiful women are actually afraid to stand out. I noticed this years ago when I worked in retail. 

4. Buy what you are drawn to, buy what you love and if something 'speaks' to you then there is a reason. It probably reflects your personality on some level.

Trends are fun, but they are trends. They go out of style. True style can't be taken away. In the words of Coco, "Beauty fades only style remains unchanged."

Now go strut your stuff, Beautiful. xoxo