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I started blogging as a creative outlet. It wasn't planned or thought out which seems to be the motto for everything in my life. I stumbled upon a few blogs one night while researching décor and thought...hey, maybe I would like this.

I jumped in feet first blindly not knowing what I was doing. I quickly learned that the blog-o-sphere was it's own little community of kindred spirits. I've made friends from around the globe. Readers have touched my life and I've been told I've touched theirs.

I didn't know I would end up doing travel reviews, rebrand several times as my life changed or that it would lead me into social media jobs for clients. I didn't know it would be a way to heal from painful experiences and divorce. I didn't expect the support I received from my readers and friends.

I never knew I'd meet people and make friendships with people I collaborated with or that I'd get little cards and gifts from people in the mail. I had no way of knowing that blogging would teach me to see the beauty in every day and train me to look for the bright side. 

I was just self-expressing in a creative form and for some of you it connected. There have been periods where I haven't blogged, was too busy or uninspired. There were times when I thought, "Hey, blogging is a dying art, maybe I should stop." It seems serendipitous that at each moment I considered ending blogging that I instantly received an email from a reader saying how much I have helped them. What you all don't know is that I blog not for myself, but for what you have all given me in return.

You all inspire me. You are why I don't stop. Maybe I've touched your life in a post or a sentence, but words can't even begin to explain the way you all have touched my world and my heart. To those who have followed me and supported me through this journey called blogging, thank you. Maybe blogging is a dying art, but I'll be here because when you have those moments in between when you really connect with a reader it's a gift that I have learned to cherish. 

Sending hugs - Love, Deb xoxo