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Welcome 2017! What Lessons Did 2016 Teach You?

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Each year we leave behind is a another year we learn more about ourselves, our lives, our desires, our boundaries, our needs, what we don't want, what we do want and what we will or will not accept. Each happy moment teaches us to be grateful and gracious for what or who we have in our lives. Each tough lesson teaches us something even more important and it's usually something that we need to learn - forgiveness, compassion, to take life more lightly, to accept ourselves as we are...flaws and all. It is usually our flaws that make us charming to the people who care about us. 

2016 is the year I let go of anger and expectation. We are only solely responsible for our own paths whether that be financially, emotionally, etc. Letting go of anger frees us, although, in my opinion, forgiving can take a long time and healing is required first.  When someone or a circumstance has hurt us, our anger keeps us prisoner. We can't walk forward into the present and new opportunities if we are anchored to the past by our anger.

What lessons did you learn in 2016? Have you made any resolutions for 2017? Confession, I've never been a big resolution maker. When the time comes throughout the year and I feel the need to have to change things, that's when I change them. Change is always good, even when it might not feel so at the immediate moment. Trust me, new doors will open and when you reflect back you will understand why the change was necessary.

Sending you all light and love. Enjoy your New Year's wherever you are! xoxo