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What My Parisian Friend Has Taught Me + Why I Love Her For It

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I have a friend in Paris. Strangely enough, we connected through this blog. Her Instagram feed makes me feel as if I am with her in  Paris daily absorbing the city that I adore and that always continues to amaze me. 

She's thoughtful and warm, this friend of mine, and I have come to think of her as a kindred spirit, extended family....a soul sister who loves her city too. She does not take Paris for granted just because she lives there...she appreciates all of it's beauty and magic and is more than happy to share it with me and others.

Her instagram feed reveals what I've heard about Parisian women to be true...she is always fabulously dressed, thin, attractive but not in an overly made-up way, her natural beauty shines through. She sends me photos of her family and their adventures, vacations, holidays, outings and each occasion seems cause for a celebration. A glass of wine, a perfectly set table, an blue sea sparkling under a golden sunset captured on film during a holiday.

She sends me gifts to the States, a silver bracelet, girly mugs, postcards from holidays and kisses from afar. She is warm hearted and she is enjoying life - which from my perspective as a bystander,  seems what the Parisian lifestyle is all about - living in the moment, appreciating the small details...from a flower on the table, the company of loved ones, a stylish scarf or a gorgeous cityscape. 

She is a daily reminder to live in the moment and to just do my best to enjoy life no matter what my current circumstances may be. It's funny, really, who someone you have never met in person can influence your life and add so much to it.

p.s. This one is for you dear Sophie! Kisses from the U.S.! xo

Do you have someone in your life who has influenced your daily attitude or outlook? If so, who?