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Furry Things + Why I Love Them

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Confession - I have a soft spot for furry things. I have a coat with a fur collar, a fur neck roll which acts as a scarf, 2 furry clutches that I never use, but somehow seemed like a good idea at the time? Gotta curse those Anthropologie online sales. I have furry slippers and I'd have a furry cat if I was not allergic. A furry dog is in my future, along with a furry bathrobe and some furry socks. What is my fascination with fur? It's comforting. New England winters are harsh and it gets dark shortly after 4 p.m. which makes it feel like 10 p.m. After a brisk winter day I'm ready to hibernate. Since I'm not a bear and can't disappear with my coat of fur until spring, I tend to lean towards anything soft and warm that will take away my chill and feel luxurious. 

What little luxuries do you enjoy  during the harsh months of winter?