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Make A Cup Of Tea And Take Five

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Please enjoy the music below with the slideshow...

Did any of you brave the malls this weekend in search of Christmas gifts? I put together a mini slide show for you to take 5 and just enjoy the moment. It's all too easy to get caught up in the commercialism of the holidays and let the season become stressful. My story is that while I was married I was in a different financial situation and I was all about finding the perfect presents for people. Now, as a single parent of college kids, it's a constant financial struggle for me and my children who are financing their own educations. When you have been through a tough situation like a divorce, health complications or a death of a loved one, it quickly humbles you as a person and you truly learn what in this life is important. The Holiday is merry, it's bright, it's festive and's about giving...whether it's your love, your time or a lending hand. Trust me, it is not about Prada or shiny new cars. Material things are nice, but the happiness they bring is fleeting. Christmas is a feeling and if you choose to, you can let it live in your heart all year round. 

Sending you love and light. -Deb xoxo