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I don't think the old saying, "It's a mans world,"  no longer applies as it once did. Sure, there are the old-boy clubs that still exist here and there, but with so many women entrepreneurs nowadays, the world is up for grabs.

There is something about old school, sexy, masculine elements that I just adore. Not only do masculine spaces feel rich, they make me feel safe and protected when I'm in them. It makes me believe that chivalry and gentlemen still exist.

Don't get me wrong, there are still some gentlemen out there, but I fear as the generations continue we will lose them one by one. In a world filled with sugar daddies, gold-diggers, sexting and hooking-up, it's harder for the younger generation to know what it could be like. Hold a car door, push in her chair, help her with her coat, place the small of your hand on her back and she will melt. Send her a naked photo and she will most likely say, "Ewe," and laugh over it with girlfriends before deleting.

My place is a mix of preppy and quintessential New England cottage. It's me. I love it and it's fun but I feel my place needs a bit of masculinity. I'm going to begin with my bedroom. Tartan bedding, cable knit pillows, equestrian prints, rich leather bound scotch needed.

What is your feel on masculine spaces? How do they make you feel?