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Why Every Moment Deserves To Be Celebrated

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Celebrations make us happy because we mentally prepare ourselves to have a good time. We buy a new dress. We carefully apply our make up. We dress, spritz and decorate if we are hosting. We select the playlist. We are so freakin' festive by the time we get there or our guests arrive that we need a glass of Champagne to calm down from all the prepping. 

To raise a glass and toast is one of the greatest small pleasures in life: We are celebrating this moment. Clink. Cheers to that. 

What if we chose to treat each moment as a celebration?

6:00 AM: Alarm goes off, you realize your alive and have a new day to experience whatever life throws your way. Cheers to that.

7:00 AM: You are showered and heading out and you are not running late. Cheers to that, (and a pat on the back as well).

9:00 AM: You made it through the brutal traffic only cursing once and you didn't get in an accident or succumb to road rage. Cheers, cheers...double cheers.

10:15 AM: Coffee break with a friend and they share an amusing story that you both crack up over. Cheers to this moment and for laughter which is life's best medicine.

1:00 PM: You step outside to grab a soup or salad and you notice how pretty the park looks covered in snow. You stop and take a photo. Cheers for capturing a moment of gratitude on film.

4:00 PM: Bathroom break and you notice your long lasting lipstick has not moved. Cheers to the little things that bring us joy.

6:45 PM: You arrive at yoga class and lie on your mat and automatically feel centered as your breathing begins to sync. Cheers for a mat that feels like home.

10:00 PM: Your face is freshly scrubbed, you are in your softest pajamas as you pull your warm comforter up around your shoulders. Cheers to having a place to call home and a warm bed to sleep in.

We have to celebrate every moment because otherwise life is dull. Boring and taken for granted. Not ONE of us is promised a tomorrow. We don't know when we will see our last sunrise, drink our last sip of coffee, crawl under our covers or kiss our loved one goodbye for the last time. Cheers to every moment we have. Cheers to life.