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The Winter Doldrums: Color Your World

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So, I had a hair appointment the other day. I sat in my black cape amongst a sea of women with shiny silver foils in their hair. All of us looking for a lift from the winter doldrums by adding brightness to our locks. Upon checking out I went to get my coat and there it was, crammed aside all of the other black puffer jackets. I left the salon only to walk out into the dirty New England snow under a grey filled sky. Damn this time of year is just so colorless in New England. New Englanders fight the bitter chill and hurry into our homes to turn up the heat and put on our pj's. We are the Vitamin-D deficient in need of sun and color. 

I like many others, fight a bit of the winter blues this time of year - or Seasonal Depression as the Doctors like to call it. I tire easily. I have to push myself to get to exercise class or to the market even. The pep in my step doesn't come as naturally as it does in Spring, Summer or Autumn. 

Just looking at photos of bright colors is mood enhancing for me. Bright colors = bright mood. Dark colors = dark mood. I'm going to color my cold winter days with pink flowers, bright lipsticks, unseasonably bright polish,  brightly hued notebooks, wallets and macarons. We shine as bright as we feel - anyway we can get to that place is good in my book.

Do you get the winter blues and what helps to perk you up?


Deb xoxo