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My Life As Rosa Parks

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I have learned over the years that when one's mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear. ~ Rosa Parks


Hello Friends,

I am a Libra - I like justice. In fact, I feel so strongly about justice at times that it brings out the mini Rosa Parks that lives within me. Maybe it's because I felt I didn't have a voice in my longest relationship that feeds my need for justice, but upon further reflection, I think a bit of her lived in me even as a child. I recall not bowing down to my adult neighbor who tried to make me leave my street to play ball - Hell, I may have been 7, but I lived there too...I knew she was not the keeper of the street). Blame my astrological sign, but injustice drives me insane and it encourages me to take bold actions, which sometimes makes my life more difficult for awhile. Fight the system, fight the bullies, fight for justice and you will pay for taking a stand. It's a story told again and again in history. 

Why would anyone make their life more difficult you may ask? Well, for me it's simply boils down to right and wrong. Just as Rosa said - "Once one's mind is made up, this diminishes fear." Fight for what you feel is right and although it may initially cause you hardship, in the end you will know you stood up for equality, justice and for your beliefs. It's about not betraying your heart, or settling for something you believe is unfair or unjust." I feel you, Rosa.

Domestic or emotional abuse? Hell no. A work environment where there is dog feces and the temps. feel like Antartica, (I kid you not, peeps)... the hell with that. Nay-sayers who like to spread negativity telling others that they can't achieve their dreams? Oh, boy, I wonder how bitter their 1/2 empty glass tastes? What about men you barely know thinking it's okay to go in for a grope? You better watch those hands, Mister.

Yup, I'm that girl. The one who fights for her beliefs and to protect those she holds dear. It makes my life challenging at times but I was born with a voice and an energy running through my veins that has a need to fight for justice. I hope that I've taught my children that it's okay to fight for your beliefs - I hope that they will never settle for less than or subpar treatment. I hope my family and friends know that I have their back and I would fight to protect them. I hope that in the end the Rosa Parks in me makes a difference.

Are you that girl too? If you see a bit of Rosa in yourself how has it affected you both positively and/or negatively? What to do if you are drained from fighting for justice, (or just plain craving sweets)? Make the delicious waffle recipe and indulge. There will always be another reason to have to stand up for your beliefs - just don't forget to relax during the in between times and eat a waffle or two.

Sending love - Deb xoxo