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When In Doubt Go Marble

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Hello Loves,

People may attest I lost my marbles a long time ago... Like the time I decided to move into that apartment building - the one that smelled like curry 24/7 and my wall and ceiling collapsed... or maybe the time I was too busy to add windshield wiper fluid and decided to pour it onto the windshield through the sunroof while driving on the highway... 

Seriously, all kidding aside, back to the subject at hand: marble. How can anyone not love marble? It's reflective surface looks lovely as flooring, countertops, bar carts and even plates. Yes, yes, it's difficult to maintain you might say...who gives a flying _ _ _ _. Deal with it. Anything that lovely is worth a little extra special care.

Don't know what material you want for countertops? Marble. Thinking of tiling your walk-in shower? Marble. Need new coasters? Marble. Your partner complaining marble is too pricey? Don't lose your marbles. It's a timeless investment that is worth every penny.

That is one of my top recommendations to add classic elegance to your home, (next to chevron floors, floor-to-ceiling windows and a butler. What is your top recommendation that you think is a must in any house?

Love - Deb xoxo