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Stumbling My Way To The Top

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Climbing the mountain wasn’t easy. My breath was labored, my heart was beating out of my chest, at times I wanted to stop...but when I saw the view I knew there was no turning back I was determined to make it to the top.
— Debby Anderson

I never make New Year Resolutions but somewhere in the beginning of 2015 I made a decision to say yes to everything, (with in reason of course, no law breaking or going against personal values). I accept invitations, try new things, and get out of my comfort zone as much as I can. 

There has been everything from hanging out with Seniors listening to some damn good music on a Friday night, to seeing a drag show with the family, and taking on more travel editorials, to drinking a shot, (that did not end well). 

My girlfriend sent me a text last night. 

Girlfriend: "Want to sign up for a 6 week line dancing class?"

Me: "I'm in!"

I'm thinking it's an excellent excuse to visit the Frye website for boots and get in shape. I am sure there will be a lot of laughing involved.

A lot of adventures have happened and my life became hell of a lot more interesting when I decided to allow myself to have unlikely friendships and take on new and challenging experiences.

Lately, a close friend suggested hiking. We've tried to climb a mountain each weekend. Wanting to save my pennies for something pretty like Tory Burch or Lilly Pultizer, I found a homely little pair of camouflage hiking shoes for under $30 in the youth department that fit me. I tried to talk my friend into getting a matching pair and he contemplated just because it would funny, but he couldn't get past the ugly. 

So with each hike I stand at the foot of the mountain, ugly little hiking shoes on feet, lunch packed securely in friend's backpack, when my challenge begins.

Like any challenge it's easy in the beginning but eventually the hill gets steep. I want to stop, lay down, quit, and give up but I don't. I make a show of using my inhaler just so I can rest and have water. Hiking for me has been a metaphor for life. I've made it through worse. I've conquered mental mountains that I thought I would never find my way out of. Physical discipline only works if you have mental discipline and a tenacious attitude of can-do.

The challenge in anything is getting to where you want to be. Embrace the challenge, it's painful, tough, (you may even get blisters), but reaching the top and the sense of accomplishment is so worth it. When I do reach the top of a mountain the cool breeze, scenic views, and the stillness of nature fills me with an immediate sense of peace. If I could stay up there forever I could but then my tummy rumbles and it's time to go back down.

What have you said yes to lately?

Love - Deb xoxo