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The Power Of Believing And How It Can Change Your Life

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Believing that we are capable of having, achieving, and that living the life of our dreams is the first step in achieving it.  -Debby Lee Anderson


Hello Loves,

How are you? I have been busy which explains my lack of blogging.  Today I have an important message to share with you all.  What makes me an expert and allows me the ability to share? Life experience.

For those of you who have been with me since the beginning and all of my transitions, you are well aware of my history and trials. I went through a very difficult divorce that took four years, left me penniless without any savings or security. There was a point where I worried about my daughter and I being homeless. I am still not wealthy, but I am rich in so many ways. Losing everything and being a survivor of abuse is so humbling on so many levels. You LEARN WHAT IS IMPORTANT

Somewhere along my journey I learned not to worry. I found faith. I found it in the universe, the law of attraction and the power of belief. A simple but perfect example is the carriage house I'm living in. The landlords are friends of mine. When I was separated and looking for a rental to keep my daughter in the school district, I emailed my friend to see if the carriage house was available for rental. It was occupied with a tenant.

I moved once a year from one apartment to another, never quite content with apartment living. The last rental was a complete disaster. I hated it there. I came home last winter to find, that because of snow damage, I had a wall and a ceiling missing with no warning - (think Angela's Ashes when they knock down the wall). It stayed that way for 2 months and turned into a mold problem. As the end of summer drew near I had a month on my lease but nowhere to go. I didn't panic. I kept saying, "I want to find a little cottage or bungalow to rent." I kept believing something would open up. Then one morning I got an email from my dear friends that their 1720's carriage house was available. LAW OF ATTRACTION.

When I was moving in I noticed a tole painting board hanging in the gated entry which I had painted years ago for my friend of her home and the carriage house. Life had come full circle. I never dreamed when I painted the carriage house that I'd be living in it. Serendipity.

What is it that you want in your life? Like I said... I'm not financially secure YET but I WILL BE. I WILL BE AN ENTREPRENEUR. I will find love if I EVER DESIRE IT, (I'm embracing and loving my independence at the moment). I will HAVE A JOB THAT ALLOWS ME TO BE CREATIVE and involves DOING WHAT I LOVE.

When the negative voice kicks in, are probably just tired. You might be in a job you hate and it's draining. If that is the case, be grateful you have a job and do the best you can until your dreams become a reality. Don't get stuck in a negative spiral because it will keep you stuck. God can't steer a ship that is not moving. Period.

If you are looking to live a more positive and spiritual life then I can't recommend Gabrielle Bernstein enough. She is a life coach who has written several best selling books, Spirit Junkie being my favorite. She has podcasts, you tube videos... you name it. Google her name and select the media outlet of your choosing. 

Are you believing in you? 

Sending light and love - Deb xoxo