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Autumn Inspiration + Finding Your Passion

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Happy Sunday Loves,

I awoke to crisp air, a slight breeze and a definite nip of Autumn in the air. Autumn in New England is my favorite season. The foliage is breathtaking... fall festivals dot every town common, hiking is glorious, pumpkin lattes and pumpkin whoopee pies at the quaint bakery in town inspire my taste buds...

There is a skip in my step because I am in love with the season, New England, and the beauty that encases me. Autumn, to me, is always signifies a new beginning, a change, a new season. It is when I feel the most creative and the most at peace.

There are similarities with the feelings that Autumn brings into my life. When I feel inspired, peaceful, creative and content while doing something, then that is how I know it's a gift, or life's calling if you will. Sure we all have our day jobs, chores, responsibilities, etc., but what activity, skill, outlet, hobby makes you feel inspired, and allows your creativity to flow? When we feel CONFIDENT in something because IT IS WHO WHE ARE and IT COMES NATURALLY then THAT IS WHAT WE ARE MEANT TO BE DOING. It is our PASSION. 

What do you feel your life's passion is and have you considered turning it into a career?

Love - Deb xoxo