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"Alone had always felt like an actual place to me, as if it weren't a state of being, but rather a room where I could retreat to be who I really was." - Cheryl Strayed

I am an ' Ixtravert.' What is that, you may be asking?

Ixtravert {adjective}: a person who is neither a full fledged extravert or introvert. His or her non-committal tendencies keep them from being social 24/7, as well as being a house mouse. These people can be lively and entertaining while out on the town, but they maintain a need for solace and quiet in order to reconnect with themselves.

I love to go out. I have great friends and family and thoroughly enjoy great company, music, traveling, dining, meeting new people, you name it...

but  there are times when I desperately crave solace. Quiet. A chance to unplug from technology. I long for quiet in order to tune into myself and hear my inner voice. As Cheryl Strayed so eloquently states it in her book and film, Wild: "A room were I could retreat to be who I really was."

Are you an Ixtravert?

Does the thought of making plans make you panic that now you are locked into something you may not feel like doing when the actual time rolls around? Do you prefer to 'wing it' and make plans that day or a day before?

When you go out can you automatically make friends with strangers? Do you find you don't have any problem making or starting conversation? Do you hate to see the evening come to an end?

Are there times when you decide that there is nothing more needed than a day in your pajamas?

Are you as happy as a five year old with an ice cream cone when you are at home alone doing something you love...decorating, reading, painting, etc.?

Can you say random things such as:

In the last 60 days I've gone to Foundation Fashion show at Saks, established new business contacts, made new friendships,  played beer bingo, took a line dancing class,  hung out with Seniors and listened to live music, helped host a Girl's Night Out, discovered new delicious tapas and drank Champagne out of pretty flute glasses?


 In the last 60 days I've worked on my meditation practice, baked a giant lasagna, burned through 2 entire large candles, found three new music artists to love, browsed the online shops I love at least 2-3 times per week and have had serious debates with myself as to when I can start putting out my holiday decorations?


If you have answered yes to at least 4 of these questions then welcome to the Ixtrovert club. We will meet you at the club, unless we don't feel like it that night.