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{Inspiration} Where, Who, What

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Happy Saturday Loves,

Last night the kids and I celebrated Mom's birthday.  If you are a parent of college children then you know how hard it is with busy schedules to get everyone together. We took Mom to Barcelona Wine Bar, in Brookline, MA. They have tapas and a really urban chic vibe. If there is a location near you, then I highly recommend...and order the mushrooms. The chef gave me the recipe which I will share with you all when I make them, (oh, and don't forget a pitcher of white Sangria - very good).

This week I was inspired by a sunflower I saw that was bigger than a human head, a variety of hotels in NYC that I'm researching for travel editorials, a gorgeous sunset, watching my grown children show their Grandma what she means to them, quotes from Cheryl Strayed, and Simon and Garfunkel. Oh, yes, and the best part of my week...Pumpkin Iced Coffee is back at Dunks (if you are in the New England area you know what Dunks is)!

What or who inspired you this week?

Sending light and love - Deb xoxo