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{Travel Editorial} The Castle Hill Inn, Rhode Island

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It was an idyllic late August morning when I set off to do a travel editorial of The Castle Hill Inn, Rhode Island.  My daughter and I filled up the tank before hitting the highway, iced coffees sweating in car holders, playlist set to road trip.

If you have never visited Rhode Island then you are missing out a one-of-a-kind state. The Vanderbilts and Kennedys of past eras have left their thumbprint. Cruising down Ocean Drive to our destination we were surrounded by worldly mansions, with rolling lawns, perfectly maintained shrubbery that lined iron gates. The road is curvy and open, surrounded by a vast deep-navy sea.

Castle Hill Inn sits perched upon a hill, an icon since 1875. It gives off a Gatsby-etsque quality with it's rolling lawn, perched with lawn chairs, and jovial guests enjoying cocktails and admiring the sunset. 

We stayed in a lovely little white cottage with every amenity and then some. Our french doors opened to a deck in which we could step softly into pristine white sand. Our bedroom window overlooked the beach and the ocean. We chose to sleep with the doors open as the sound of waves lapping the shore lulling us into a restful sleep.  The bed was super comfy and we slept like royalty.


Off course no mother-daughter travel editorial would be complete without popping into the shops downtown and visiting Anchored In Pink for some new Lilly.


After spending the next morning on the beach, we took in one last deep breath of sea air. Admiring the scenery one last time as we cruised down Ocean Drive, leaving the beauty of Newport behind us. We will be back. 

I have to say, this is one of my, if not THE, all time favorite places I have visited. Perfect for a honeymoon getaway, an all girls retreat, a business outing, or a romantic getaway. It's a place where dreamers go to dream.

Thank you very much to Brian Young and John Rice for helping to make this review possible.