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The Most Amazing French Beaded Chandelier Tutorial Ever!

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Hello Loves, I hung some lanterns with candles from a beam in my dining room, (there is not electricity for a real chandelier). I've kept my options open in case I found something I liked better and then I stumbled onto this amazing tutorial of at The Lemonista.  The best part? It's only $20 to make! Get out of here!! For that price I might make two.

I'm thinking of trying to find wooden beads to cut out the spray painting step and I prefer the look of wooden beads. I'll show you photos after I complete, (if it doesn't look like a 5th grader made it). My house is a work in progress but I have some photos come soon. Stayed tuned...

Hope you are all having a lovely week. Thanks so much for stopping by. Love, Deb xoxo