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In the best interest of the dog

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Happy Monday, Loves. It's tough when Monday rolls around after a gorgeous summer weekend, don't you think? I over indulged this weekend a wee bit...a Key Lime Martini (or 2), the most delicious gourmet fries, and a chocolate truffle, (or 2). Okay, if we are being honest here, there might have even been a Happy Meal with a toy Minion involved.  I'm drinking a lot of water to flush out all the toxins and 'weighed down' sensation. Back to salads for this girl.

Other highlights were spending time with Mom, seeing Ted 2 with my sister, (if you are easily offended skip the foul mouthed bear), and cuddling next to my dog, who I sadly have to give up. I can't even say the words 'give him up,' it's hard enough to type them.

This has been one of the many difficult decisions I have had to make in what seems like a never ending line of tough decisions. I work a lot and I commute to the city. I'm getting a second job, and when I do have time to relax I want to go out. My dog is a latch key child, stuck in an empty apartment with the radio for company and his tennis ball with nobody to toss it for him.

When I got him my life was completely different. I was a stay-at-home mom. Little by little the dog and I watched as the family left: my ex moved out and took the other family dog with him, my eldest child went to college, and lastly my youngest child went to  university as well. The dog has moved 2 times with me already. It is hard to find a rental that accepts pets, but it's even harder to face the guilt that you are not providing him with the life he deserves...alone in an apartment with no yard.

I know it's time to put his best interests in front of mine. I have a friend on the Vineyard who my dog loves. He will have long walks on the beach, go hiking in trails, and have a  nice yard that he is well familiar with.

Knowing all this doesn't make it any easier though. I feel sick that he won't adjust, that he'll miss me and think I abandoned him. I hate the thought of coming home after work and opening the door to his absence. Again, I remind myself it's in the best interest of the dog.

Have you had to ever give a pet up? Were you okay with your choice?

Sending light and love - Deb xoxo