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{Volume III} Country Sundays - An Awareness of Gratitude

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Hello Lovelies, 

How is your weekend going? I've just returned from a glorious family getaway in a eclectic beach town. The journey was filled with family antics, belly laughs, late night chats, an exciting announcement, a birthday celebrated, glasses raised and clinked, and a bed shared with my sister, in a little cottage with a sloped ceiling - returning us right back into our girlhood. 

We took a boat ride which was idyllic. As the boat slowed close to shore we were greeting by a large family of seals popping their nosey heads above water as they floated on their backs. We watched the seals as we threw down our anchor and lunched on chicken salad wraps with crunch potato chips. With the sun warming my skin and the wind in my hair I felt GRATITUDE. My ears teared up as I realized I was IN THE PERFECT MOMENT fully present and surrounded by loved ones; I was aware of the fact that I am blessed.

What is your fondest family vacation memory?

Love, Deb xoxo