The Style Cocktail.

{Volume III} That Inspirational Girl

that inspirational girlThe Style Cocktail6 Comments

She dreams

of opening a restaurant one day

where people can linger and socialize with friends

place where all of the guests would become her family


Her vision

is that people would linger on days filled with grey skies and drizzling rain

couples would flirt playfully as the lighting dims and the tabletop candles perform a slow, flickering dance

she would observe countless couples fall in love at her place under her watchful eyes


I adore

places like like this that are homey, welcoming, and not the least bit pretentious

where the crowd is eclectic and interesting

and my ear hears a song in the background that simply brings me back...

How about you?

describe an atmosphere or a place that makes you feel peaceful and free to be the best version of


Sending light and love - Deb xoxo