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{Volume III} The Serendipity Column

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I'm moving again. I'm so excited about this next move. I believe it is a place where I can stay for a long time. It's a lovely little carriage house and it is just so me.

Garden-style apartment living gets old really fast. Each move feelings like a new beginning. I feel a sense of excitement and possibility amongst the boxes filled with wine champagne flutes, wrapped in moving paper.  This last apartment was a desperate attempt to find a place to stay. I came home to a missing wall and ceiling last winter due to ice damage - it stayed that way for 2 months. My neighbors above me have a 'jumper.'  Lil jumper just got a newborn sibling who likes to scream all night. Then there was the time my daughter and I locked ourselves out. Just the 2 of us all dressed up and ready to leave when we realized neither one of had the keys.

Daughter: "Look there is a kid standing at the window in that apartment."

I run over to catch a glimpse at our rescue hero, who turns out to be no older than four.

Daughter: "Go get your Mom," she yells to the child.

Child disappears for a minute.

"Well, thank God, we say to each other."

Child arrives with no Mother in sight.

My turn, "Go get your Mom."

Child throws dress over her head. She clearly thinks she's entertaining us. She disappears again. Maybe this time we will get lucky. She returns and holds up a giant teddy bear.

There are a few more 'go get your mom attempts' that are met with a blank stare. We give up on the kid.

A few minutes go by in the hot sun as our aggravation grows when we spot someone opening the main door to the front building - the very one we locked ourselves out of. We make a run for it. 

Goodbye, little garden-style...I'm making a run for it and I won't be back. I like knowing my walls are in tact.

Sending light and love - Deb xoxo