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Which Suits Your Fancy?

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Hello Loves,

It may be Tuesday but to me if feels like a Friday.  My latch-key dog went to live with a friend.  He's doing great. He easily traded up for island life. I know I made an unselfish choice. He is living the good life on Martha's Vineyard instead of being closed up in an apartment all day with a single owner who is never home. I am at peace with my decision, but it's still sad. I keep laying in bed in the morning waiting for his cold little nose to come wake me. Nothing. 

I'm distracting myself with gorgeous alfresco dining options. What is it about dining outdoors that makes it such an enjoyable and festive experience? I am having a hard time choosing my favorite but I think it's the last setting. Which setting delights your fancy?

Sending light and love - Deb xoxo