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The best advice I can give anyone would be this: ENVISION IT, (it being whatever you want to see come to fruition in your life),  BELIEVE IT will happen, (you have to have total faith that it will happen or it won't - there is no room for doubt here), and SET ABOUT taking small steps towards making your vision happen,

What is the best advice that you have for all of us? We would all love to hear it!

On a different note I'd like to introduce you to a boutique branding and social media business: SOCIAL.   

SOCIAL. is a boutique firm focusing on branding and social media for small businesses, spas, salons, boutiques, blogs, and the like. SOCIAL. only accepts one or two clients at a time so that you know you are getting full attention as opposed to just being a number in a huge PR firm. We focus on your individual needs and spreading your voice and message to the masses. Each and every business is different and has different goals and needs, so we are not a one-stop shop. If you are interested send an email with SOCIAL. in the subject line for more information so we can chat.