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{Volume II The serendipity Column} Free spirited girls

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A girl who still smiles when things aren't going too well, taking a positive outlook on life and trying to make the most of it - her spirit isnt damped by little things in life, she's free spirited.

The other day I was at work when I received a text:

Daughter: "Can you give me $30 for a Ukulele? 

Me: "You don't need a ukulele. Go outside and get two sticks and bang them together."

Daughter: "Never mind it was stupid."

I come home and there she is sitting cross-legged, in the middle of her bed, long hair falling into her face, strumming a cerulean blue ukulele while watching a video tutorial on Youtube.

Me: "Where did you get the money for the Ukulele?"

Daughter: "I made a deal w/ J (her brother) and sold his electric guitar. Don't worry he knows about it and I'm giving him the rest of the money." 

I'm thinking OKAY? I'm staying out of this one. 

I fear she was born in the wrong decade. She's my little free-spirit: ukulele strumming, Birkenstock wearing, painting, artistic hipster chick. Then I worry for a second. I'm a free-spirit too and I know how difficult it is to conform to the expected norms. I have been able to do it, but it always feels like I am silencing a part of myself. The bright shoes slip into the otherwise conservative work attire, the struggle to silence my right to free speech when it would cause more damage then good, the fight to contain the inner artist when placed in a conventional stifling environment can be a huge drain....

I don't want her to have to conform. I like who she is. I hope she finds her way into a world and career that doesn't require her to silence or hide her creative and carefree personality. I don't want to see her lose who she is...she is a free spirit and it's a gift not a curse. 

Love, Deb xoxo

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