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{Volume 1} Country Sundays

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Happy Sunday, Loves! So, my roll as matchmaker yesterday was a success! I seem to make better choices for others than myself. Funny how that works. 

Working in the city makes me yearn for the country. I've decided to dedicate Sunday blog posts to the dreamy, carefree country lifestyle.  Imagine waking up to sizzling bacon, (man candy as I like to call it), farm fresh eggs with fresh goat cheese and eggs, fresh squeezed orange juice and the Sunday paper or a paperback that you can't get your nose out of.  Sundays should be about savoring, unplugging, and simplifying - long walks in the countryside with the dog and picking fresh wild flowers.

On another note I saw an Instagram post from Bobbi Brown, the makeup maven, where she used a rosy-bronze eye shadow on the cheeks with a shimmer beige shadow on the cheekbones. I tried it and would give it two thumbs up!! It's a great look for when you really want to get your glow on.

Do you ever dream of a home in the country or are you more of a city or suburb type of person?

Wishing you all a lovely day.

Love - Deb xoxo