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{November} That Inspirational Girl

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She has...

a penchant for boots, scarves, handbags and rings, she can quote all of of the Audrey Hepburn films word for word, she is graceful but quirky and has a smile for anyone who passes her path...


Her taste is...

fanciful yet simplistic, comfortable yet chic, and she owns her own sense of style. She is not loyal to a signature scent, as there are so many of them out there to fit her mood and reflect her personality in the form of scent.


She adores...

quaint coffee shops, photography, and always finds venues with live acoustic music. She burns a million candles all at once, prefers a bubble bath to a shower, and collects well-worn classic books to line her shelves.

Time spent...

in her kitchen trying out new recipes is her form of meditation. She shares her baked good with her friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. She believes that food is love and understands the power of giving.

Happy Sunday Loves,

I haven't done an 'Inspirational Girl' post in ages. When I first started blogging way back when under {Inspired Design}, these posts were very popular. They are actually the funniest to create because they are like mini stories or mini films. Character creation is fun because it allows us a peek into someone else's life and people are the most interesting subject there is. 

What would the first line be if the Inspirational Girl was you? {and you are all inspirational by the way}! 

Sending light and love - Deb xoxo