The Style Cocktail.

Why Not?

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Why not? 

Mix patterns...mixing patterns and adding textures keeps outfits from being anything but dull. Plus, it gives you a reason to rethink your closet and combine pieces that you usually wouldn't put together!

Why not?

Make your own lipstick art? All it takes is some quality paper, a beautiful frame, your favorite lip color and a couple of smooches. Voila! You can even change the lip color if you want it more colorful. It's an easy DIY for a vanity, (practice on plain paper first).

Why not?

Grab that unusual piece of décor that catches your eye that you have no idea where you would use it? Trust me, you will find a place and will probably get the most compliments on it. Different is good and it's interesting. Go bold.

Why not make it the best day of your life today? Go out and have fun, make the routine moments not so routine.

Love - Deb xoxo