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Living In The Moment

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Happy November Loves,

Autumn is in full bloom. Crunching leaves beneath my boots are the soundtrack to my New England days. Yesterday as I was about to catch the subway I heard a familiar song. It took a second to recognize it...surely it couldn't be...but, yes it was....a solo violinist, case open, back against the wall playing Christmas music. 


Now don't get me wrong, I love Christmas as much as the next elf, but it was 66 degrees outside and I hadn't even had a single piece of Halloween candy. Costumes have not been properly stored and Thanksgiving meals have yet to been planned out. Why are we always jumping two holidays ahead in America?


It is no wonder that so many people do not know how to live in the moment. I chose just to enjoy the music for what it was...a lovely holiday song that stirred up a spirit of giving. I did not allow myself to go to that crazy place of...oh, no, what am I going to buy my kids? Should I start shopping? You know those thoughts, the ones that make you crazy and make you think you are behind the eight ball?


Living in the moment is a difficult thing to do for many people. We think: I'll be happy f I could just get that job, if I could meet the man of my dreams, when I am able to buy a house, afford a new car, get my child into that private school...

Certain things may make us happy if we achieve them...temporarily. Once the newness has worn off we are onto the next event, holiday or vacation to live for.

Living like this is so common, yet unfulfilling. When we live in the moment, we are living in a place of peace and our nature is to be thankful. We become more observant and notice the little things that makes each moment special. We have to slow down our racing minds and look for these gifts...a beautiful solo violinist, the scent of burning leaves, the taste of pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream and nutmeg, a childs laugh, an elderly couple holding hands, the buzz and whirl of the city, the quiet of the country, the sound of our heater coming on to warm our home on a chilly morning...

Are you living in the moment? When you find your live whirling out of control, take a deep breath and be still, notice what is around you. It's a practice that takes getting used to but makes life a journey to be savored, not a race to get through.

Love, Deb xoxo