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Moving Forward To Your Dreams

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This is what I know: when you make a decision that involves a change in your life not everyone will be happy about it. This is what I'm sure of: we can't concern ourselves with whether or not someone else is unhappy about it - we need to live our lives in a manner that makes us happy, satisfied and allows us the opportunity for growth.

You leave a relationship: you may experience pressure or guilt from a lover with a broken heart.

You leave a job: you may leave a boss feeling upset or slighted.

You decide to take a job that requires locating: family members may lay guilt trips and try to keep you close. 

Really, the list goes on and on. Anyone who truly has your back will be happy and supportive. Sometimes others like to keep us in a 'box,' they want to keep us in a place that makes them feel comfortable. 

We have one life to live. One life to take chances. One life to learn and grow and see as much as we can. If we don't look out for our best interest no one else will. 

Move forward towards your dreams. Don't let anyone else's opinion hold you back. Guilt and fear are the enemy and are both useless emotions. Create the life of your dreams and never settle.

Sending light and love - Deb xoxo