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Have you ever gotten a case of 'why me?' It's more annoying that hiccups and can last a lot longer. Catching the 'why me' virus is not only contagious, it can keep you sick mentally and make you sick physically if you allow it to. 

The pharmaceutical companies don't want anyone to know it, but there is a cure for the 'why me' virus. It's such a simple cure too. All you have to do when you are ill with the 'why me' virus is to ask yourself this one simple question...




Instead of asking yourself why did I get in a bad relationship? Ask yourself...what did this experience teach me?

This works in any situation...

Instead of: Why am I stuck in this uncomfortable position? Substitute with: What lesson am I learning from being placed in this uncomfortable position and how can grow from this experience?

Instead of: Why am I struggling financially? Substitute with: Why am I struggling financially? What can I be doing differently and how can I make more income? Am I living up to my full potential or am I letting fear hold me back?

A  major symptom of the  'why me' virus is remaining complacent. Other symptoms include depression, negative thoughts, whining and the ability not to better oneself.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week and a belated Happy Veterans Day to all the Veterans who so graciously served our country for the rest of us - I think I speak for all of us when I say we are grateful for what you did and the sacrifices you and your loved ones made.

Sending light and love - Deb xoxo