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People Who Insult Are Not Choosing Love

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Hello Loves,

How was your weekend? It was blissfully colorful here in the Boston area with a definite nip in the air.

Today I want to tell you about a little story that happened to me. I was out with a friend who commented that a mutual acquaintance insulted my intelligence. I was dumbstruck because I barely know this person and couldn't understand why she felt the need to take a strike at me? I wasn't upset so much that she said it, because I know it's not true. This is a young girl who has very little life experience and has had everything handed to her.  She has not had children, has not survived domestic abuse, has not had to fight for herself throughout a 5 year court battle, or has had to advocate for the protection of her children and their rights, to support a family on her own. That my friends, is not something a dumb person can do or have the mental toughness to survive. 

Am I blonde? Yes. Bubbly? yes. Glass half -full kinds gal? yes. Does or any of that affect my intelligence? Absolutely not. People are too quick to judge. I am guilty as well, although, I have made a serious attempt not to judge anyone after struggling to survive for so many years - it taught me compassion and not to judge anyone. You can't judge someone if you have never worked in their shoes. The way I see it, we are all equals.  It's a shame that not everyone views it that way. No one is better than anyone else and anyone who thinks he or she is has a rude awakening coming.

What I think bothered me the most is that my friend told me. Doesn't a friend protect? I made a decision not to go to an event where this person who insulted me was going to be - not because I give a damn what she thinks or said, but because I have some of the most sincerest, sweetest friends and family in my life and I CHOOSE not to surround myself around fake and pretentious people. I choose to live in the light.

Sending light and love to you all. xoxo