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Don't be fooled by the beauty behind gorgeous architecture and historic buildings with worldly charm...especially in the city. I work in a very old, historic, elegant building but yesterday there was a mouse in the house!! 

Setting: Me sitting innocently at my desk on phone call.

I see a gray little rodent scrambling quickly across the room out of the corner of my eye. It takes all I have to contain a scream. Phone call ends. I bust out of office to the sound of "Ewe, Ewe, Ewe," hand resting on heart, beating rapidly. I look for my make co-workers they are nowhere to be found. My female co-worker consoles me. 

I open my building directory for 911.  I call business maintenance, nope they swear it's not them. I call business office, their extension isn't working. I'm desperate... I call Park Rangers, they have guns, they can shoot the little bastard.

Phone rings: "Park Rangers, this line is being recorded."

Me: "I'm sorry I know this isn't you guys, but I have an emergency. I have a mouse. Who do I call?"

Park Ranger giggles and tells me he will send someone up.

A little bit later the 'someone' shows up. He's is a miserable little being holding a plunger and he wants to scold me for calling the Park Rangers. He is rude and begins complaining about how he has two toilets over flowing.

I don't make enough money to be scolded or work in unsanitary conditions so I follow up with:

"I know this may not be an emergency to you, but it is to me. I can't work with a rodent running around. You are here now what do you plan on doing about it?"

He almost cracked a smile but that would have ruined his bad-guy image. He realizes I can't be bullied. He tells me it will be taken care of tomorrow, which is today. I'm working from home today. Sorry Mickey, mice are for kids.