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Adding Romance To Everyday Life

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I admit it...I am a romantic at heart. I can't see enough chick flicks, display enough flowers, light enough scented candles or listen to too many love songs. This is what I've learned: We grow up thinking we can't have romance in our lives unless Prince Charming comes trotting along on a white horse. I've realized that you don't need a prince, or necessarily even a partner, to have romance in your day-to-day life. You can woo yourself, and in doing so you are loving yourself and confirming you are worthy of living the best-quality life you can create. When I see a beautiful bunch of flowers at the market, I don't stand around and wishing someone would buy them for me, I treat myself. Once home and adorning a beautiful vase, the flowers remind me that simple things make my world a bit more special. A fragrant bubble bath in the warm flow of candlelight, a pretty red pout, a delicate pastry on a beautiful dessert plate are all indulgences that add romance to the mundane of everyday living.

Connecting to my romantic side is really all about celebrating femininity. It goes much deeper than being wined and dined. Romance to me is about celebrating the beauty in being a woman; reveling in the delicate, soft, pretty and gentle side of life. 

How do you bring romance into your everyday life? 

*This is an expert from my feature in Romantic Homes Magazine / The Romantics / February 2012