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When You've Been Cheated On...

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I haven't dated in a long time and it's been intentional.  After my last relationship I tried dating someone but it was one of those relationships where we were trying to make it work. Too many differences, spiritually, interests and just plain etiquette. What bothered me the most was that he would never pick up the phone and call..say what? I don't do pure text dating. Period. He was either a) dumb or b) conversationally challenged. Definitely not for me.

After I decided to stop trying to force something that wasn't there, I ended it. As it turns out he continues to text on occasion. I usually respond with one word answers because I know it's not worth getting into again. He's not for me. Lately, I've gotten a few, "I miss you," texts, etc. You know the game...we've all been there. I don't want to play.

Last night I was out with a friend of mine who said 'Mr. Texter' went right back into his old relationship the minute we called it quits. How is it this guy thinks he can have his cake and text me too? My suspicions about him not being trustworthy were confirmed. Does his girlfriend know he's texting behind her back? I'm sure it's not just only to me either. She is either a) dumb or b) in denial. He's a cheat and now he is blocked from my phone. 

My little confirmation that I was right just saddens the heck out of me. I want to believe there are good men out there. I'd like to think that one day when I'm ready I will find my Mr. Right, (preferably with a British accent - because they are just so darn cute). When a woman has been cheated on - even a small lie from a new dating prospect makes trusting impossible.

I'm on a road of spiritual growth and I'm not sure I can do it and be in a relationship...or maybe that is just my excuse and way of protecting myself so I'm not hurt or disappointed again.  For the time being I will enjoy my single-hood because I'm happy in the land of single. If a cute Brit comes along he would have to knock me head over heels and ADD to my life in order for me to let him in. Until then I'm only depending on me to make me happy.

Have you been cheated on? How did it change you?