The Style Cocktail.

Volume Two: That Inspirational Girl

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She has her own sense of style and dresses only for self expression. She does not follow the trends, she wears what she loves and doesn't worry about what others will think. She knows that by doing so, she rocks every outfit she wears and radiates confidence.


As long as she lives she will never stop learning. She knows expanding her mind expands her world. In her free time she takes floral design classes, learns languages, reads every book she can get her hands on and studies art history, antiquing and explores music.


Her favorite place to entertain company is at her cozy dining room table. She bought the most comfortable seating she could find so that conversations with friends over a bottle of wine last into the wee hours of the night.  She knows that none of us are promised a tomorrow so she she makes every moment spent with those that she loves count.



Don't Sweat The Small Kids

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Happy Saturday, Loves. As I sit here it feels as if we are on the cusp of summer, next weekend signals Labor Day here in the United States, and even though it's not technically the end of summer, to me it always signifies the start of a new season. 

I've had some time to spend with my son this week who goes to school in New York. I don't get to see him much during the year, so it's been nice having him around. I'll have a few days with my daughter this week, who spent her first summer out of the house, while she did an intership in the city. It's very true that when your kids are out of the house you wonder how their childhood went by in the wink of an eye?  It literally feels like a lifetime ago, like we were other people. I would give anything just to have one day to go back in time and spend a day, or even an hour, with them as children. I remember when they were small and people would tell me to enjoy them, because their childhood goes by so fast. I can remember not believing this when one kid was having a temper tantrum and the other had gum in their hair. 

So, I'm passing it on to anyone who has small children who might be stressing out at the moment, it seriously does go by in the blink of an eyeDon't sweat the small stuff...spilled milk, rooms cluttered with day your house will be clean and quiet...and you'll miss their pattering of tiny feet and laughter. 

For anyone who's children are leaving for college for the first time and may be having empty nest syndrome, I want you to know, this next stage is exciting! It's fun to watch your child bloom into the adult that he or she is meant to become. The relationship dynamics change. They come home all fresh faced with dirty laundry, (that never ends), new interests and friends. Although they are still your child, you notice a shift, they also become a friend. Adult to adult conversation, laughter, banter and interests. Somehow, when they hug you now and tell you they love you it means so much more. It means you did okay, no matter what obstacles you may have faced as a family.


Décor: Airy Blue and White + Switching It Up Seasonally

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Happy Friday, Loves. Blue and white will always remain a classic in décor, but I love it best when it's done in spaces with lots of light giving it an eretheral feel. 

Porcelain pieces  and brighter blue accents really pop against such a serene background.

With such a clean palette it makes it super easy to change up seasonally...bright orange pumpkins in the fall and seasonal wreaths ad pillows, wintery greens and silver at Christmas, red accents in the winter to cozy up the home and pops of fuschia or coral in the spring to welcome in the warmer season. Really, your options are endless, which is always a good thing! 

Do you like to switch out pieces every season to keep your home fresh?



Volume One: Girl Has Style

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She awakes each morning with a grateful heart. She may not always be where she wants to be, but keeps faith while on her journey to where she wants to be. She knows that life will unfold as it's meant to and trusts that the universe has her back.


Her favorite time is early morning when the house is quiet and the birds just beiging their morning chirping as the sun starts to rise. She likes to savor a creamy mug of coffee and curl up with a book in her cozy kitchen nook before beginning each day.


Her favorite way to unwind on the weekends is to pack a picnic of wine, fresh fruit and a baguette while sitting near the water's edge. She makes sure to stay fully present in the moment and appreciates these small pleasures in life.