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I'm Blushing...Surprise Flowers

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Last night I arrived home from a long day at about 9:30 after meeting a friend for dinner. I found flowers in my breezeway and my 1st thought was: 'Who would buy me flowers?'  I unlocked the back door and scanned my brain for whom would have sent them. Blank.

I unload my arms onto my kitchen counter and pull out the note that is attached to flowers. 

It reads: 'We have built a reputation on fresh flowers and good service. Thank you for being a customer.'

Ding ding...lightbulb goes off to flip note all around. I realize the Procesco at dinner has gone to my head a wee bit. I find the correct note. It's from my employer congratulating me on my 1 year anniversary and thanking me for my hard work. 

It's always nice to be appreciated. This job has been the hardest I have ever had, but it has taught me more than any job I have had, both professionally and because it has been a challenge it has taught me a lot about myself personally. 

What was the hardest job that you have ever had and what lessons did you learn from it?


The Horrible Guilt That You Carry When Your Break Someone's Heart

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One night I was driving home from God knows where and this Adele song came on my Bluetooth in my car. I had heard it dozens of times but on this particular evening I really listened to the lyrics. It spoke every word I was never able to verbalize regarding a former love. Take your eyes off of me so I can leave. I'm far too ashamed to do it with you watching me. 

Realizing that you don't love someone the way they deserved to be loved and knowing that they still love you is the most awful guilt-ridden feeling you can have. I can't stay this time because I don't love you anymore. Don't try to change my mind I'm being cruel to be kind. It's the cruel to be kind part that makes it so hard, nobody wants to feel cruel, and nobody wants to make someone they care about feel pain.

The worse part is when you really want to love them way they should be loved, but you just can't because there is something missing, a part of you is broken or incapable, the timing is wrong....You have given me something that I can't live without. You mustn't underestimate that when you are in doubt, but I don't want to carry on like everything is fine. 

You see the pain in their face each time you see them and it kills you. You want to be their guiding light, not a place of darkness for them. Please don't fall apart. I can't face your breaking heart. I'm trying to be brave. It means the world to me that you are in my life but I want to live and not just survive. Everything changed me and I don't think you can save me. 

It's not your fault if your feelings change, if you need time to yourself or if the timing just is just not right. We all have to be true to ourselves and quite often that is the hardest thing to do.

Have you found yourself in this situation before?  If so, please share your experience as you just might help another person with your response.



{3} Quick & Adorable DIY's

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I have realized I am happiest when I am doing something creative. Once I came to that realization, I vowed to find ways to be creative every day. There is actually scientific proof that any for of creating improves happiness and encourages an individual's soul to flourish. Here are a few quick and adorable DIY's that I stumbled across. I found an inexpensive gilded tray in TJ Maxx that I'm going to transform with chalkboard paint. These are just so pretty and provide endless uses.


Having a bonfire? A fall wedding? A dinner party? A child's birthday sleepover? Whip up some S'more favors for your sweet guests.


A can of metallic gold, add some mini pumpkins and voila...instant place settings. Very cute for a fall wedding, Thanksgiving dinner or a dinner party. Hope you find a way to add some creativity to your life each and every day! xo


Amazing Product Dupes: The Look For Less

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More expensive doesn't necessarily mean better. Here are 3 quick dupes that are tried and true!

ONE: This is my all time favorite dupe ever! If you love the look of glowy cheekbones and brow bones that you get with The Nars Multiple, in Copacabana, which goes for about $40 then try, Wet n Wild Highlighter, in, When The Nude Strikes. It only costs around $4 and the formula glides on creamier. The fact that it's rounded makes application easier as well, and it has amazing lasting power. Apply under brows, down center of nose, on tops of cheekbones, center of chin, in the bow of lips and dab a bit over lipstick or gloss in the center of the bottom lip for an all over amazing glow, (blend with finger). 


TWO: Honestly, I didn't see what all the fuss was about Too Faced Cosmetics, Better Than Sex Mascara, that retails for around $28. I thought, 'this is just okay'. Soap & Glory's, Thick & Fast Mascara, only costs around $10 at Target and 2 quick coats are like instant falsies. Va va voom. 




THREE: I swear this is not a photo of the same shoe. The J Crew flat is on the left and is around $80 at their Factory Store. The Target flat on the right is $22.99. As far as wear and tear, I'm sure the J Crew flat would beat the Target brand, but if you aren't doing a lot of walking I think the Target dupe is a steal.

links: one  l  two  l  three

Jeans And Shoes

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Finding the perfect pair of jeans in a sea of denim is a bit like trying to find your soulmate in a city full of people.  Ah...but when you do find wonder how you ever lived without them? It's like you were made for each other.  It's worth trying on 100 pairs, (when you are in the right mood), even if you create a pool of jeans on the fitting room floor to pick up after, just in hopes that you find the one. 

I love jeans for their versatility.  You can throw them on with a messy bun and be out the door in 5, or you can dress them up for an evening on the town. Shoes are the perfect accessory to immediately change the look of your jeans. Why not try a different shoe than you would normally wear with your favorite pair of denim to shake things up? You know the sayin', what's old is new again...

What type of shoe is your go-to with denim or do you like to constantly mix it up? Do you have a favorite look...ballet and skinny...boot cut and heels...?

Under The Weather

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I've been running on empty. Drove to the city to visit my son, which was fun. Been around one too many people who said they were sick or 'getting over' being sick. You know when you hear someone say that and it registers...uh, oh...I'm gonna get it. I cleaned my house, showered and did laundry, but I am tucked under my covers with plans to rest. I'm drinking lots of tea with honey, taking vitamin C and trying to fight this thing head on before it has a chance to get started. What is your best remedy to fight off a head cold?


Everyday Is A Blank Canvas. How Will You Paint Yours?

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Like fabrics our days are richly woven with the thoughts we think. Water seeks it's own level. Postitive thoughts attract positive vibes. Our days are textured by our feelings...if we choose to feel rich and blessed then that's what we attract. If we texture our days with feelings of not being good enough or of thoughts of being unhappy then that's what we create. Your day is a blank canvas, think of it like are you going to paint your day today?


Volume 1: Inspiration Boards

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I'm guessing I probably should have been a graphic designer because I make mood boards just for fun. I did actually teach myself some HTML and had blog design clients when I was on the Blogger platform...until they changed the coding...say what??


Inspiration boards are great to make when you are trying to get a vibe or a feel for anything...décor, fashion, travel or even for your lifestyle goals. Sometimes they reveal things to us that we didn't even realize we wanted. If you are not computer savvy you can always get out a stack of glossy mags and scissors and get to work. With tools like Pinterest, Canva and Picmonkey it makes it easy to be a designer.


Do you make inspiration boards? Which one of these do you like best? Can you guess which one I like the best? I'll give you a hint, it's number one. Who or what inspires you?